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Arthritis Pain Relief

Pain is the hallmark of arthritis. There are over 100 different types of arthritis and joint conditions and all of them have some type of pain. It could be generalized, localized, chronic or acute. There is pain. One of the goals of arthritic treatment is arthritis pain relief.

It is important to manage the pain and minimize the negative impact it has in your life. Pain can interfere with daily living, sports, activities or just getting through the day. Finding a successful arthritis pain relief program is important to the physical and mental health of people who suffer from arthritis.

Whether you have chronic or acute pain; if you have generalized or localized pain; there are things you can do each day that can worsen your condition or increase the chance that youíll get through the day relatively pain free. These are simple tips that can be used with any arthritis condition to begin a successful arthritis pain relief program.

The first step in an arthritis pain relief program is to pace yourself. You should begin to learn your body and the signals it sends each day. You may have a daily list of chores to do but they arenít nearly as important as your overall health. Once you begin to feel tired or pain, slow down. Take a few things off your list and get them done tomorrow.

A healthy life, whether dictated by illness or not, is balanced between rest and activity. There are those who believe that life will pass them by if they are sitting for more than several minutes per day. Their energy level is extraordinary, but it comes at a cost. When you are struggling to find a successful arthritis pain relief program you must listen to your body and take rest at intervals during the day. Donít wait until the evening when your body began complaining at 2 pm.

There are questions as to whether exercise belongs in an arthritis pain relief program. The old expression no pain, no gain comes to mind. However, exercise will decrease your pain through several mechanisms. First you should consult your doctor before beginning a program and, your program should be designed by a qualified physical therapist or trainer. Exercise will decrease the atrophy that happens to muscles that arenít used and the deconditioning that leads to weakness and poor body use.

Range of motion, strengthening and endurance exercises should all be incorporated into an arthritis pain relief program. This will increase flexibility, function, strength and ability to maintain daily living activities.

Never skip your medications. They are prescribed for a reason and will only work when they are taken at the correct intervals for the right amount of time. If you are considering stopping a medication be sure that your doctor is aware since the change you get may not be the change you were seeking.

Always get enough sleep. A good nightís sleep is a considered a part of a healthy regimen for anyone and people with any type of illness or disease must NOT forsake their sleep. Sleep has restorative powers for the body and helps the body to withstand the rigors of daily living. When designing any arthritis pain relief program sleep is an integral part.

Protect, protect, protect your joints! You can use assistive devices, wear supports and use better body mechanics. Learn appropriate ways to lift heavy objects without strain to your back, hips or knees. Learn how to protect the joints that have arthritic changes to increase you arthritis pain relief. You can learn these techniques for a trained physical therapist.

A successful arthritis pain relief program is possible with minor changes to your every day activities. Youíll be able to continue to enjoy your day feeling healthier, more energetic and with a greater sense of well being.

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